Yuva Shakti

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Yuva Shakti

Feel your voice hasn’t been heard in the right places?

Live in constant fear of what your future would be like?

Anxious about whether you’ll get the right job or not?

“We won’t tell you our ‘Mann ki baat’, you will tell us your ‘Mann ki baat’ and we will resolve your problems”: Rahul Gandhi, Congress President

In a time when the hopes and aspirations of the youth are being crushed or ignored completely, the Indian Youth Congress has come up “Yuva Shakti”, a power packed campaign designed especially for the young blood of the nation. It aims at empowering our Indian youth in various walks of life and enabling them to lead a life with their heads held high.

This scheme has already seen tremendous success in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, where the IYC has managed to reach hundreds of villages and cities to connect them with the future of the country.  The Yuva Shakti Card is a product of this endeavour and aims to provide facilities to the youth that they are deprived of, under the current regime.

The Yuva Shakti Card
The Yuva Shakti Card

We plan to engage the youth through various schemes and initiatives that can help build a free, safe and progressive India.

The card will enable the registered candidate to avail the schemes provided by the Central govt when the party comes in power. Under this scheme, the Congress is offering:

  • Minimum income guarantee
  • Skill training directly linked with Job placement
  • Promotion of traditional and indigenous crafts and trades for self-employment
  • More conducive environment for better growth of MSMEs
  • Better and more diverse jobs opportunities for all domains and skill sets
  • Action to fill all vacant government positions

In the previous two terms of UPA, not only did we actively encouraged young leadership and political opportunities for all but also remained committed to creating an enabling and rewarding environment to build the capacity of our youth to take on roles more actively in our country’s future.

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The future on India will be written by our 500 million plus young people. The Youth Congress is working to defend their rights & freedoms, and build an India with jobs and opportunities for all our youth.

But we can't do this alone, we need help from people like you to make sure this campaign succeeds.


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